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Where's My Genie?

Where's my personal Genie when it's Laundry time?

 Ok, I'm probably dating myself when I talk about the tv show "I dream of Jeannie" that I grew up with. Same as Bewitched and The Jetson's were on too. It was so fun as kid to dream away and think when I grow up we're gonna be like The Jetsons ! Ya, were not there yet...maybe in my lifetime. But so thankful I have those dream away times especially when doing mundane chores. And for this blog too! I'm doing laundry as I write this post, keeps me entertained while doing mundane chores. Oh don't get me wrong, I love my life but like all of us, it's the routine maintenance things that get us.

Don't know about you, but it seems like I'm always doing laundry! And it's only the 2 of us now! I don't know how I did it when the girls were around. Endless amount of laundry when you have kids! And especially if they are on sport teams! Whew ! and I'm talking about the smell too!  I  think all those days have caught up with me... I don't want to do the laundry! What ?  my Laundry isn't done already? Oh Jeannie ! Where are you ?  There's gotta be a easier and simpler way, and today thanks to modern conveniences that help us, not like our Historical women dealt with laundry. I have decided, I would not be a good Pioneer woman back in the day. I'm sure your nodding your head now, or saying "No KIDDING !
 Red Admiral 2  This past weekend, we had several parties to attend, love being The Social Butterfly! But why do they always amount up all together and in clusters? Sometimes we have to go back to back parties ! We had our last Graduation Party to attend (at least we think !). It seems like everyone spread their's out this year. Not sure why this year was different ? But maybe, people know Graduations happen all  at once? Now-days, we have  Graduations for everything, not just High School & College. We have Pre-school graduation, Kindergarten, Jr.High, 8th grade , High School, College, Specialties, Master, and Doctorate graduations. I'm sure I'm missing some too to add to the list. This year,we were in St.Louis,Mo, see my previous post so we missed several graduations.But thankfully, we are able to attend several, so I'm thinking it's a mix blessing!

My dream of retirement days...
  When talking with one of our friends that recently who has retired, get this Girls !
 He has taken over the laundry! What a Great guy !
Don't you agree !?!  His wife knows she's blessed . He asked if I had any tips to share... On the top of my head, I thought of ironing, yea...another routine maintenance thing to do... I use to like ironing !?! Ya, I know pretty sick huh? In our first weeks of marriage, I even ironed our sheets (had 2 sets, thanks to my Grandma Ruth as a shower gift! What a smart lady she was!). And get this...this is really sick...I changed our sheets daily! For I wanted that Hotel Fresh Sheet feeling...well, that didn't last long ! But I still like that fresh sheet feeling, I'm sharing  that with you below this post.
One of my many bucket list to visit in France
 I  love  Lavender , and it's nice to freshen up things around the house and it's antibacterial  for those of us that like to be more cautious these days.  Here's your history lesson for the day...Lavender became invaluable during the Middle Ages, when it was strewn on floors to sweeten and cleanse the air, and became a vital part of the Apothecary's stock in trade. Lavender water was popular for its antiseptic qualities as well as its fragrance, and lavender was an ingredient in Four Thieves Vinegar, with which robbers protected themselves during the Plague. Lavender is often associated with Victorian times, but in fact it has been grown and cultivated for its exquisite scent for more than 2500 years. The early Egyptians used it in the embalming process, the Greeks cultivated it for medicinal purposes and the Romans used it for bathing, giving it the name of lavendula, from lavare, to wash. When we went to India, we saw how they wash their clothes. Check my photo out below.  Lavender has been loved for centuries and it is still one of the purest and most romantic fragrances you can use. I'm not sure they use Lavender in India thou...More questions for our dear friends there, I guess for next visit! Can't wait !
I witnessed this Laundry day in India on Ganges River 
  Now that history lesson is over...
   I found this trick on Rachael Ray's TV show, a smart woman thought of this, that's for sure! Now, it does well on polo shirts, t-shirts, and cotton dress shirts for both men and women. It makes the lil fuzzy's you get on some shirts or dresses, alil' less. So if it's a special event,  I would get the iron out! I tried to find video on Rachael Ray's site but it was way back in her first years on the air. Maybe, I'll be brave and do a video someday on it. But hopefully this step by step will do in the meantime !
   First,take one item out of the dryer and leave the rest of the load on same heat cycle you had to dry the load of laundry. I have a newer  LG dryer that has  a great setting "Freshener Up" and "Wrinkle Care"  (you might have other options on your dryer). I keep the "Wrinkle Care"  setting on the load of laundry in the dryer while I'm making the article of clothing a "Free Ironing" item.
Note the reflection in the dial is an American FlagT-shirt  from 4th of July
   Steps For Iron-Free Clothes
   ~ Hang the item on hanger, quickly spray with Water Mixture recipe (see below)
   ~ Add Clothes pins at the bottom, I place at the placket (buttons area) and at   each seam.
   ~ Add clothes pins at underarm seams
   ~ Then add clothes pins at shirt sleeve,where there's usually a  iron crease.
   ~ Spray again with Water mixture, now using both hands flat open,
   ~ Sandwich your hands between the shirt
   ~ Do the Hand Sandwich technique starting at the top of the shirt and quickly smooth your hands, remember sandwiching the fabric down.
*If your wondering why do "The Hand Sandwich Technique", this closes the fabric fibers and makes a smooth effect,after it dries. Now,  you must wait for it to  dry (don't use the dryer thou! good ole' fashion air breeze way) for awhile, and get the next item out of the dryer and repeat the process. I have   door hangers that  each hold 7+ items on my laundry door. Just remember to take off the clothes pins before you wear or put in your closet. We've had some funny stories in our household!

Iron-Free Water Mixture recipe
1/4 cup unflavored vodka
3 1/2 cups filtered water
Spray Bottle
Spoon or whisk
Big bowl with spout
Note: The Vodka is to help the water evaporate quickly, it's not for your cocktail hour time. 

 How To: Make Your Own Lavender  Linen Spray

Linen spray is a bit of an indulgence, but  I love it.  We have  visited several Bed & Breakfasts and they would have this Lavender linen spray for our sheets. I was hooked ! Linen spray is wonderful to keep on hand. Freshen up that spare bedroom for holiday guests and listen to the complements as to how great the room smells. Freshen the curtains, beds, linen closet and more for a wonderful aroma that takes me back to our B&B visits and how wonderful it always smelled.  I remember how relaxed I felt when I spent the night at B&B and slept soundly, waking up refreshed? Lavender is such a beautiful scent.
Making linen spray is so simple to do and much less expensive than going to a department store to buy it. You know exactly what is being sprayed onto your linens and have comfort in knowing that only pure natural products are being usedI especially like lavender scented sprays for sheets and laundry, so I  tried making  some myself.
Lavender flower
Linen Spray Recipe
1/4 cup unflavored vodka
3 1/2 cups filtered water

To make your own lavender linen spray today is even simpler that it used to be. You can buy lavender oil from supermarkets, health food stores and lavender farms. Lavender oil is the basis of all perfume and cologne recipes. The oil needs to be diluted with other ingredients, as undiluted oil on bare skin can cause reactions. Here is how to make the simplest lavender spray.
You need 31/2 cups of filtered water, 1/4a cup of vodka, and 1 teaspoon of pure lavender oil. Mix the water and vodka in a large bowl with a spout, for this makes it easier to pour into your decorative bottle. I find these at our local Sprout's store and add the lavender oil (also find at Sprout's) to the strength you desire. You can lightly tint the cologne with violet or blue food coloring if you like, but they say to use it  very sparing so that it does not stain clothes or skin. But I prefer to go the safe route and eliminate this step. This Lavender  spray is excellent for the summer, kept in the fridge in a spray bottle.
Other uses this lavender water :
 Note: I have not done this, so if you try it let me know how it works out for you! That's my code!  When I share with you, and you try it, you MUST LET ME KNOW!  I love feedback, of course constructive feedback if you would please.

  • Once you have finished mix all the ingredient the temparature is still warm, you can inhale the steam to clear your sinus.
  • After that, you can make a compress for your face with a cotton. Leave it on your face for 10-15 minutes.
  • In a mild temperature, you can rinse your face and massage the skin with it. It will tightened the pores and reduce any minor or redness.
  • Chilled lavender flower water can be use as a skin freshener. Spritz the face with it and make sure to keep the eyes closed. Shake well before use.
  • You can use it for your hair to nourishes the hair and makes it soft and shiny.
  •  And here's my favorite tip I need to try! You can put your Lavender spray into small spray bottles to pop in your handbag which is very convenient to take with you to the beach, when you have those hot & humid days and we've all having Hot days lately!
Aww...Can't you just smell that wonderful Lavender !

Enjoy these  lazy days of summer!

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