Friday, June 24, 2011

All Wrapped Up in Sweetness

   To wrap it all up , Laura and I made Cake Pops for her high school youth at Immanuel Lutheran Church.  What !?!  You haven't heard of  them !? !  Oh, they are everywhere lately! the latest trend in dessert culture Even Starbucks has gotten in on the trend. Check them out,they are so cute !
    The first I heard of these delectable lil' goodness in almost one bite, was from one of my favorite blogger Bakerella. She is the queen of Cake Pops! She has book specially for Cake Pops . Awesome creativity she has, please keep her in your prayers as she just had a kidney transplant the last week, her Mom was her donor. Thankfully all is going well and she's home now recooping. When I first saw these cute lil' cake pops, I was dying to try them...but since I'm an Empty Nester, limited & trying to eat healthier, I haven't had the chance. My Sister-in-law , Lisa couldn't resist and shared it with Laura, who is hooked on Cake Pops!  Lucky for me, Laura and I reunited and made Funfetti & Cherry Chip (requested by some, we  found out our family are not  huge cherry fans ) So, here's our experience making Cake Pops, which were a huge success, especially the Cherry Chip! Who knew!?!

Delectable lil' Goodness Cake Pops

Bake cake according to your favorite cake recipe instructions in 9"x13"baking pan

Add baked cake to bowl, use small increments of cake,  as you will have an overflow of cake crumbs all over you! Crumble either with your hands or we used a mixer which made it easier on the hands & quicker!

Using your favorite frosting at room temperature, measure 1/4 cup.

Add to cake crumbles, if seems dry when molding add more frosting to this.

We didn't have an mini ice cream scooper, so we improvised, worked real well too!

Mold into ball, squishing tightly

                   Roll it between both of your hands to get a smooth round ball

Set up Candy Melt Station while cake balls are in freezer  for 10 minutes

The Wilton Melting Pot
Laura had a  nice gadget to melt the candy melts! Looks like I'll be adding this to my wish list! If you want outside coating to be flavored this is the time to put in. We used Cherry for Cherry Bites 

Dip lollipop stick into candy melt,but not too little or too much of it for then it doesn't work well

Dip lollipop stick into your Chilled  Cake Ball, let set.
This is our Funetti Cake Balls

Our Chilled   Cherry Cake Balls that have been set up with dipped lollipop stick

Starting with the first cake balls you dipped lollipop stick, dip in melted Candy Melt mixture, Twisting & tapping not too hard to cover cake ball

Right afterwards, quickly add your sprinkles!

Funfetti Cake Pops done! 
We used a round styrofoam board to transport,
Note: we had 2 types of sizes in lollipop sticks. 
We liked how the taller ones looked but tricky while transporting in a car!

Waiting in a AIR CONDITIONED car while Laura does an errand

Waiting patiently...


Waiting in a sea of Cake Pops, praying they won't melt or drop them!

We saved some for her office

Aren't they cute!

Enjoy making these Delectable lil' Goodness Cake Pops!

Delectable lil' Goodness Cake Pops
First you need a design concept (Very Important for knowing what kind of decorating supplies to get!)
Cake mix (or homemade)Frosting (or homemade)

Bake cake and allow to cool completely (about one hour).Cut cake in fours. To crumble cake, either by rubbing the sides of the cake or use the mixer method we used,  in large bowl and add frosting.
Put cake mixture in fridge and chill for10 - 30 min or overnight. Shape dough into balls or press into favorite cookie cutter. Melt candy coating according to directions on bag. For flavoring our Cherry Bites we used 1/4 a teaspoon + added 5 drops We started with the recommended, but test tasting, it seemed to need more. And we're not Cherry people! Go figure!
Dip end of Popsicle stick in candy melts, about half inch and insert into cake ball. About halfway, you don't want to go any further.  Allow to harden in refrigerator for about 10 min. This will help the cake to stay on the stick. After you take the pops out of the refrigerator allow 2-4 min before you dip into the candy melts as to prevent cracking and dry upside down. At this point you can add decorations.
Have fun and enjoy!
 Remember if you try them please let me know how it was ! 
Thanks for your comments !
Enjoy! Sharon


  1. Very cute!! I just finished making a batch of butter pecan cake pops with caramel frosting dipped in chocolate! SO YUM!!

  2. It looks wonderful! I love cake pops, but I have to admit I'm better at eating it than making it :) Went to a birthday party who served angry birds-inspired cake pops!


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