Thursday, August 11, 2011

Simpler Life = Get Away

My taste of  Simpler Life  was a  double treat with a great get away with my Mom. Since my App post , I've been battling some weird viral cold that threw me for a loop! The  night before I left for my trip  with my Mom to  visit our family up in Washington, my voice left. And so , for the rest of our trip... I had  squeaky voice. Which probably at sometimes, my Mom loved it. Then developed into a cough that I haven't been able to shake. So now, I'm on my 2nd rx since cough syrup w/codeine did not do well with me. So, I'm sorry I've literally been under the weather these days, but feeling better with energy again.

Here's our simpler life journey and I ate seafood + desserts along the way visiting family & friends !
I love my new I-Phone, see Got Apps it takes great pics too!
                          Amazing Mountain view from our plane, we debated on which one thou...Mt. Baker or Mt. Rainier or ?                                                                                                                                                                     
Our home while we were on our journey
This is what my Aunt Annie brought us when she greeted us! 
Gorgeous Rainier Cherries, the best I've ever tasted ! first meal , Crabcake so huge!
But there's always room for Strawberry Shortcake 
My Aunt Annie's sheep on her farm
We got all the girls in the family to Lavender Fields to make
Lavender wreaths. Smelled wonderful ! But I got so caught up
in making my wreath I forgot to take pics !
Another view of Lavender Fields
Next day, our family friends Jim & Donna met us at  
Semiahmoo Resort for lunch
Lunchtime! Grilled Oysters are the best !
                    But Donna & I couldn't resist Crème brûlée, truly 
              decadency in a cup!
 We Girls made a spontaneous trip on the  Provel Ferry 
Here's my cute Aunt Annie & my Mom
Our Private Ferry 
I took so many pics on this private tour of ours... the 
scenery is gorgeous and changes constantly! 
I think that's Canada over there
Look at their Marina ! Gorgeous hanging baskets
all throughout 
We think the colors in flowers are more vivid here
This is one of my fav pics, so proud to be American !
Looking over to Marina
That's our home for the duration of our trip, Semiahmoo Resort
Coming into dock, what a beautiful trip we had,
Weather was perfect, God's creation gorgeous, He does
Great work doesn't He ?
 Our great hosts that gave us the VIP treatment ! Brought us
back safely but it wasn't a 3 hour tour !
Love the old wooded building, can you see the birds 
on top of the roof? all in a row too.

Did you know that Lynden, WA supplies 2/3rds  our country with
Raspberries ! Who knew ! My Aunt Annie does...
At the Lynden Raspberry Festival
 Of course, I had the Raspberry Ice Cream... Oh My !
Ice cream taste soooo good when they get the cream right
from the  Amish dairy down the way !
Two Girls enjoying their ice cream ! Aren't they cute ?
Look what we spot ! Can you guess what they are 
making ? Lil' Mini Dutch Babies (aka aebleskivers)
My Mom is anxiously watching them make them
Sweetened Butter Cream come to me ! We gobbled them
down... gotta eat them while they're hot you know !
 We just had to look inside, Lynden Dutch Bakery...
And look what we found! Oh my sweet tooth is acheing...
This Carmel Apple Pie must of weighed 10 lbs !
Check out the Carmel on this... Yes, we 
brought it back to share with  our family ! My Cousin Rob said 
                 it's The Bomb. If your wondering what it means "It's the best! ..."
"It's brilliant!..." or something along those lines.
Our family Get together, tough to take a pic with 
those windows thou !
 My Cousin John & his wife Kathy ordered Oysters in 
the half shell... I've eaten one before...but hesitant...
Like the sauce touch thou...but prefer the grilled oysters myself.
I'm just saying !
 I love this pic ! My cousin Rob's & his 
wife Shanna have a beautiful place. Their
Kitty sure loves to be in their beautiful garden..
Can't say I blame her!
Thankful for a safe & enjoyable trip with my Mom ! 
Visiting family is Simply the Best !
Tell next time...


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