Sunday, December 11, 2011

Savor the Season

I love This time of year! The Christmas music, decorating, and the baking! To savor a cup of coffee/tea, there's something about smelling the aroma, holding that cup in my hands that warms my heart and comforts me. Some say its an addiction, I like savor for a better word.

I was asked this week how often do we savor God like chocolate? What kind of difference would it make in our daily lives if we stopped long enough to smell the aroma and sniff the chocolate?  Or for me it's coffee! I sometimes focus on what is left to be done on that list of things to do this season. The act of smelling the coffee and sniffing the coffee is a great reminder for me to savor my experiences.

It's that time of year that when the world starts to crowd in on us, and it will, unfortunately. Have you noticed that Christmas isn't exactly the joyful season that it use to be? It's hectic, rushed, expensive, exhausting and anything but peaceful. Did you see Black Friday news on the lady pepper spraying? Whatever happened to Silent Night, Holy Night? It's mostly a busy time of the year, and it seems the talk lately, is how quickly the Christmas and season passes, how we feel rushed .

Another pondering moment, Am I  celebrating it in a way that remembers The True Meaning of Christmas.
Is it possible to celebrate this holiest and sweetest of holidays without the hype and the extra craziness?  In past years, I've been trying to put more emphasis on the real reason celebrate. Mind you, I struggle like everyone else in this hussle n bustling to make that perfect Hallmark commercialized Christmas. Blast Hallmark sometimes! I love their products and shows. But am I putting enough emphasis on the real reason we celebrate? Have I slowed down long enough to take the time to reflect or ponder why we join in on the crazy schedule: family traditions, make time so the kids know it's not all about Santa, baking, shopping for the perfect gift and mostly for me in the past few years, decorating . Which I love to do but have noticed that as I have aged my energy isn't like what it use to be!?!  Hmmm ... Something's wrong when kids have more energy than the adults!
Here's a great resource for your Go-To Guide for a Hassle-Free Holiday
During Advent season, it's a great reminder to weigh and ponder the purpose of Christmas on our hearts, the way Mary did. I love the song "Mary, Did you know?"  Being a Mom, listening this  song each year as my girls grew up and stronger in the Lord, and now an empty nester Mom, this sure pulls your heart strings that's for sure .

I received this beautiful paper cut work framed from a dear friend years ago, I have it year around to remind us, that we should always keep the meaning of Christmas in our hearts all throughout the year. I keep it next to my nativity my Mom gave me. Yes, I keep my nativity up all year. I'm thankful to friends who have done this as a reminder also and I have quoted it throughout the years too.

To deliberately focus and ponder the real reason we celebrate Christmas. By doing this I hope will develop a greater appreciation for the One whose birthday we are celebrating. I want to see that the birth of Jesus Christ was not a one-time event worthy of celebrating. It is a one-time event that made us worthy. Worthy to have a direct relationship with God, Our Father. Worthy of living a life with purpose and meaning. Worthy of all of the good God has in store for those who love Him. But as with most things in life, it's a choice. We can choose the busy schedule, commercializing of Christmas that our world has to offer us or choose the Way in the manger. We can ponder how His coming not only fulfilled the Purposes for His generation but for the generations.

Be sure to watch Charlie Brown's Christmas!
Join me this advent season, to slow down, re-focus, re-charge and savor . Let's savor the season. Don't just hang the decorations. Look, soak in their beauty. Let the precious memories encompass you as you hang that special ornament, figurine, photo, or make that cherished family recipe from that cherished cookbook. Sit alone with only the light up tree. Play your favorite Christmas music. Email, call a friend you haven't talked to in awhile .

Read the of Christ's birth found in Luke 2, imagine your there. Most of us don't need another gift from anyone. So give yourself the gift of making someone dinner or bake them instead getting stressed out about the "perfect" gift . Maybe even write them a note telling them why they are special in your life.

James 1:17 "every good and perfect gift is from above...". Even cup of coffee or lil chocolate, is always a treat! Remember to think back through your day. Ask God to make you aware to catch those glimpses of His goodness that we tend to overlook and thank Him for all He has given you! (Hebrews 13:8; Isaiah 9:6)
Enjoy and Savor the True Meaning of the Season with me!

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  1. Savor the season like I would a piece of fine chocolate... I need to do that. Thanks for this wonderful post!


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