Monday, August 23, 2010

Mini Caprese Bites

This is the sampler that I served my Daughter Dana to test!

Here's one of my favorite appetizers!
It's a low carb and healthy option.
I served this when we hosted a Gala Appetizer Dessert Party for Christ Lutheran School and for a BBQ this last weekend for community service at La Mesa Dale Elementary.
My challenge, finding the right size skewers! I found really long skewers, thought they could be cut in half, but it doesn't skewer through the tomatoes nicely, and breaks the mozzarella cheese balls.Ugh! Note:to self to stock up on skewers. So I decided to leave the length. Instead of serving individually, which I did previously in non stem wine glasses. I needed to serve it buffet style. So, hunting around the house for serving dishes. I ended up serving in 3 glass cylinders and turned out to be a nice presentation. Love it when impromptu creative ideas come to mind!
Enjoy! Sharon

Mini Caprese Bites
Prep: 20 min. Grape tomatoes vary in size from week to week at the grocery store; some pints we found had only 24 while others had more than 40. Good news, you should still have enough mozzarella balls because they are generally sold in 8-oz. containers that have more than enough.

Yield: Makes 8 appetizer servings
1pt. grape tomatoes, halved
10 to 14 fresh small mozzarella cheese balls, cut into thirds*
32 (4-inch) wooden skewers**
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
6 thinly sliced fresh basil leaves
Kosher salt and pepper to taste1. Thread 1 tomato half, 1 piece of cheese, and another tomato half onto each skewer. Place skewers in a shallow serving dish.
2. Whisk together oil and next 3 ingredients. Drizzle oil mixture over skewers; sprinkle with basil and salt and pepper to taste.
*1 (8-oz.) package fresh mozzarella, cut into 1/2-inch cubes, may be substituted.
**Wooden picks may be substituted.

Southern Living, MAY 2008


  1. My new, dear friend Sharon. First of all, this recipe is making me salivate pavlovian style. It sounds scrumptious and best of all SIMPLE! Your blog will not be good for my waist line. As for your precious comment to have no idea what it meant. In so many ways. And the follower thing was so hard for me. Still is since most people don't know how to still follow me. But God has shown me HE is the only one who deserves glory. But blessed me immensely and i thank you! Rest assured...I will be back. :D

  2. Bless your heart..Thankful we Sisters stick together! But as you see The Mini Caprese Bites are low cal & carb :) We watch our waist lines in our home too! Another challenge for my future recipe repertoire! So thankful for new friends!:)God is so GOOD!

  3. This looks so delicious.I havent tried making it on bite sized pieces before, but I love the idea of putting it on skewers.

  4. Alisa you must try it!it's easy & impresses your guests & family :) Enjoy! Sharon


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