Friday, July 1, 2011

Invasion of the . . .

They are EVERYWHERE around here! It's hard to think of what to eat when you've had an INVASION !!!
Ya, I had a day of  fighting off these terrible and annoying colonial family of insects! Having their BIG social event and creating their dramatic  "special duties" in our house ! My Father ~ in ~ law, John quotes often,  "Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days." Well...This is too many guests and they were not invited !
We tried to prevent this invasion... but somehow these buggers still get in the littlest crevices. This time it was through an electrical outlet ! Yesterday, the buggers were  in my pantry, they must be on a specialized mission to be  "The Socialite"  insect  of the colony ! And , I still  can't figure out what they were into or  going !?! Which is scary !  So,  when it's around food areas, I use my trusty "GET AWAY ANTS " Recipe  that's safe around food, children , and pets.
Last year when we were invaded, I was so frustrated ! I researched , ( yea, I love to research, ask my family who to go to for researching, it's me). I asked my friends personally and via facebook. Then did more research and found that Ants don't like Peppermint. Yea ! Who KNEW !?!
So check  the recipe  below . Just in case, you too... are battling The Invasion !  Hope it helps you out , like it does in our household.

"GET  AWAY ANTS"  Recipe !!!  
Ants can invade your house before you know it. Deter ants with the pleasant scent of peppermint. Your home will be ant free, and you will not be exposing your family to toxic chemicals. Ants hate the scent of peppermint and will not cross a path with that scent.
Things You'll Need:
 Spray bottle
 Peppermint oil
 Towel (I use paper)
Clean the area infested with ants to remove any food or debris that my be attracting the pests.
Put 10 to 15 drops of pure peppermint oil in a spray bottle filled with water.
Shake the water bottle and now spray the area you would like to deter the ants from. Spray not only areas on the floor where they've been lingering,  kitchen countertops ,  and tables. I've sprayed lightly over appliances to deter them away too ! Repeat every week to keep the ants at bay. 

What am I going to do for dinner now that I've been battling the invasion ?       I had an appointment, then errands... My hubby and I are eating healthier these days, it's real different in my meal planning when the kids are gone that's for sure ! Still the jury is out and with the summer months... I don't know about you but I really enjoy the lazy days of summer , even in the kitchen. Usually its a grill night , but hubby has had busy week, this week. So, our "default meal" is The SANDWICH. When we don't feel like much, it's The Sandwich. When we were transitioning back from our India trip, it was The SANDWICH ( The BLT is the perfect combo we've found ! A lil' lettuce, a lil' tomato, a lil' bacon, a tad of Mayo and of course the bread.

But we're not doing that this time...
We're trying to eat more fish in our diet, so Tuna Melts here we come. Well...      I didn't feel like the "normal" Tuna Melt. My first intro to Tuna Melts was from my  Aunt Sue ! I love tuna sandwiches, and when I had my first bite of her Tuna Melt...all I can say, pure savoriness.
 The California Artichoke Tuna Melt

  So I pulled out our favorite bread Milton's Multi-grain (a Costco special here in California). Then came out Tuna , Mayo (Olive Oil type), Tillamook Cheddar Cheese,  diced celery ( I needed a crunch factor), then I've been craving Artichokes. So out came the Trader Joe's marinated Artichokes. Then , I remembered my shopping spree at Penzey's Spices! Oooo ! YUM ! I used of course, their California Pepper blend.  Usually, I top my tuna melts with  sliced olives but we were out of them. If you like olives, yes... some of my family doesn't care for olives but it's a nice addition and give that extra nice touch to your tuna melt. 
Do you want my verdict on the meal? Mighty tasty if I do so myself ! Hubby was a lil' puzzled, as for  he doesn't care for Artichokes. I think he thought I put them in his, but I didn't. Tempting  thou ...that's for sure.
Well , Here's to a ANT-FREE Zone in your house !
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