Friday, August 26, 2011

Feast or Famine? was FEAST time here in Cali !
 Doesn't it seem that life is either too fast or too slow? Your busy some weeks or weekends then some others you have stillness. And Where did Summer go? Our daughter Dana came home from her trip to China which seemed like she was gone for ETERNITY !!! She was teaching there for 6 weeks, then home for only one week. Now off to Internship! So needless to say we were busy. Then came Vacation Bible School week, which was so fun to help out with Snack time!

Check out some of our Snacks for our theme: Dude, it's about Jesus! By Gospel Light  , Needless to say, it was a  "Beach theme". The First day we had them play a Fishing Game which consists of using Pretzel Rods as the Fishing Pole, Peanut Butter as the bait to catch the Fish (Goldfish Crackers).Ya, forgot to take a pic of it, but it was the first day of  Vacation Bible School ! It ended as a hit by all ! 
Our Beach Walk Trail Mix
(Photo by Cherished Cook)
Look Up to Jesus!
(photo by Gospel Light)
Made Crunchy Crosses
(Photo by Gospel Light)
Beach Umbrella Cupcakes

Then came my Cousin John and his wife Kathy to visit San Diego. Next in line was a visit by our Nieces, who brought their Mom and Dad along too! And of course, when Family gets together...WE EAT VERY WELL !

Check out my Sister~in~law's blog for some of the adventures we all had. So when time allowed... I was able to make some din-din for them when they came back from Disneyland. After eating out you just crave some home-cooking and really don't feel like getting out-n-about after traveling with lil'ones in a car, especially in LA and OC traffic! Here's what all I made for their visit to Cali !
 The Menu for the Night :
      Baked Ziti with Pesto *Note: I double this  recipe, pretty much, always! 
      Garlic Bread 
      Snickerdoodle Cookie Pie for dessert! recipe coming soon...
Our Cute Niece checking out what's for din-din. Baked Ziti with Pesto. I've made this Ziti dish so many times for numerous occasions throughout the years.
 Hope you enjoy it as much as our family does!
 Using my Grandma Lucky's Egg Slicer to quickly slice up some Strawberries to go in my Go To Salad.
Using this time, Walnuts that my friend Frieda substituted for the Pecans, Thanks Frieda! 
See my post Friend , You look Marvelous Darling of a Salad
  Of course we had to have DESSERT ! I put my "TANGLED" twist on a Snicker-doodle Cookie Pie just for my 4yr old Niece! She loved seeing the movie Tangled by Disney, so of course we had to watch it again! and again...

Snicker-doodle is an old fashioned cookie which has a sugar cinnamon coating and a sweet and buttery flavor, with Crispy edges, and chewy centers. My adapted version  of it is in a Cookie pie form... Yes, I did say pie ! Snicker-doodle Chocolate Chip Pie is a crowd pleaser for sure!  Cookie n Pie together, I think brings out the taste of Americana in me. Sweetened with a Cinnamon Sugared crust top, that gives that little sugar crackled crunch with every bite. As you scoop up in each spoonful, getting a lil' taste of the chewyness of the  Cookie but wrapped in lusciousness of  a pie ... Yum-mm... lil bits chocolate chips are the heart of this Cookie Pie, which in my & family's mind , you never can go wrong with.
Layer of Chocolate Mini Chips for a Tangled crust effect.
Use a favorite Snicker-doodle Cookie recipe, I sprinkled Mini Chocolate Chips throughout the batter. Sprinkle the Sugar Cinnamon Mixture on top. Bake at 350 degrees til fully cooked inside. In my convection oven and using my Pampered Chef Mini-Baker Stoneware pan it took a lil' longer than I expected. We were anxiously waiting to dive in...the aroma of snicker-doodleness filled the air!

 Top it off with Vanilla Ice Cream, is the perfect Summer ending combination, you get your Sugar-coated cookie, pie, and ice cream that melts in your mouth and all in one bite !

Surely to appease your sweet course , add sweetening is always our rich gooey extra thing at the end of the meal called a dessert which  indulges our Family every time! It's our Family Tradition after all !

It's a Perfect Sweet Ending for your Labor Day celebration coming up too! 

Well what a Tangled Feast was made... now don't get unraveled... there's still more to come! 
And wait to you see what I made for them by the poolside at our Cali home! 


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