Monday, September 12, 2011

Who We Were before 9/11

We all remember where we were on September 11th, 2001. 
Before, life 9/11 , it was our Sister Lisa's BIRTHDAY ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA! You can see her side of the story on Remembering 9/11  Love You Lisa !
 Looking back who we were back then... 
There wasn't Facebook Twitter,  iPods ,or iPhones ! We didn't put our toothpaste in small little plastic bags and we kept  our shoes on  in airports .. 
It was a different time and era.
But here's a deeper question... 
Who were you? 
How did you change?  
I think personally, I was like most Americans, wrapped up in material things. Sure I did all the normal Christian things: went to church , helped others when it was convenient for me , and  on my terms. I lived in my own world. But since 9/11, my heart has been more sensitive to what God is prompting me. 

For on that infamous day, I woke up like normal. Getting my Girls ready for school, but this time, for some reason... I did not have the morning news on, like I normally did. I was "playing" the role of a single Mom that morning. My heart has since been sensitized for all single Moms , it's hard enough to be a Mom! 
My husband, was in Texas at the time for a conference. He actually told us about what is happening that morning. 

He called, and said I don't think I'm flying out today... I paused...asking why?
He answered... Have you seen the news this morning? I answered, No. We're  busy getting ready for school. He told me to turn on the TV, when I did, that's when the second tower was hit. All of us girls, just stood there... in shock that this was happening to us here on our soil of America.  

As we said  our good-byes on the phone, of course, saying I love you, be safe, let me know when you get a flight out. Which was 3 days later for him, and he ended up renting a car and driving with another guy who lived in Arizona. 

So like all of us, what do we do or say to our children ? Our Laura was 16 and Dana was 12 at the time. I immediately, prayed for those being effected by this horrific event. I've learned early in my life to pray for the firemen, policemen who are at the scene firsthand.

 But through the eyes a child, God prompted Dana to pray for those in Iraq/Iran/Afghanistan/Pakistan areas. I  don't know if she remembers this, but it sure made an impact on me.

 For later that day, after I dropped the girls off school and of course talked with others about what is known now as 9/11. I had to make a stop at our bank, standing in line I didn't notice at the time, that there was a bank teller who no one would go to her window. When it was my turn to go to a window, I just automatically went up to her window for it was available. As I looked up, She started to cry... She said to me, Thank  You for coming to my window when no one else would. Huh? I'm sure I answered her, for  I  probably had that questionable look on my face...  I'm sure of it! Then it dawned on me. She was a Muslim. See, she also was  touched and sadden by this horrific event. She had a relative that was in those towers, still waiting like most of Americans to hear news on them. By the GRACE of GOD, I was able to let the SPIRIT move me and ask her, Can I pray for you? She nodded pleasingly.Then I asked, how can I pray for you? And right there, we stopped and prayed for our Country, the people that were all effected. She thanked me, but I in return thanked her, for it was an honor and a blessing to pray with and for her.

This was a turning point in my life! Through the next  years God has been working and transforming  me. Mind you I'm still a work in progress ! But I've learned when I get that lil' voice in my head or when my heart just aches when I see someone who is in need. I just GO FOR IT !
 And like ,we all have heard the many stories from that day of the heroes that came out of the ashes, literally.
 But I'm reminded of  Todd Beamer's "Let's Roll" phrase, remember that one? That's when I'm reminded that  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! I can get out of my comfort zone, and just ask God where do you want me today? Where do YOU need me at this moment? Who can I help? Sure, some days aren't that extraordinary, just another ordinary, thankfully!

But isn't that Life? 9/11 has showed us our strength in numbers as Americans. Today, Americans MUST remember 9/11 that our strength,  WE AMERICANS found together but mostly found in HIM! Let us NEVER forget... Psalm 46:1 was  quoted by the news, only as " God is my strength and refuge"... But read the whole Psalm 46 , like our President did today! Awesome surprise! It seems that in these days we are afraid to say anything, taking God out of our American ways. We need to remember WHO gave us everything we have. And by that, not to ignore when someone is hurting, to try to take time to listen, to give a hug  when needed and especially to those who have lost loved ones. I'm blessed to have a church that I can be more available than the "normal" church person. I have the "inside-scoop"! 
Thankful for Him, Who gives me everything.

Next post is Patriotic Cookies recipe, but for now... 
let us just soak up of today, remembering, and see what God wants each and everyone of us. 
To listen to His promptings and Let's Roll !
Proud to be American! Let's not forget... 
the words "under God" is our foundation for this great country we Call America.
 God Bless America!

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