Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mark One off the Bucket List !

My loves are  in this order...
My God
My Husband
My Family
Food of all variety in cultures and renewed love from the past Photography, which ties in with my other love TRAVEL!
Recently My travels , I've been able to cross off my bucket list of places I wanted to see in this lifetime.  WASHINGTON, D.C.

I've anticipated this trip for a long time. I've always known D.C. is a impressive city, being our Capitol of our wonderful country. But being there personally... well this gal wished she had more time to spend and to soak all of what our historical city has to offer. I wonder how much time it would take to see all the many historical events and places?
 It seems like when I travel there's a word that is always running consistently through my head. For this trip, Washington,D.C. the word was MASSIVE !
Waiting for The Metro
It's in the transportation, the buildings, the museums, the memorials and monuments. I learned that D.C. built their Metro system about twenty some years ago. MASSIVE TRANSPORTATION ! Why can't other major cities don't follow this example? It sure helps getting around to see the sights. By the end, we (mainly my hubby, love you dear!) "think" we mastered the Metro system and know how to hail a cab down in pouring rain. Well, my hubby does at least, I was hovering under the umbrella drooling at the window. I'll share that in a future post. Here's alittle taste of our trip through the National Mall.
Street view of Massive buildings in D.C.


This is the door of the perspective size building vs. humans. (see below).Note it's not the entrance & doesn't open. I apologize this picture is out of order , it's suppose to be pic #2 of series. Due to site is malfunctioning at the time (frustrated blogger here!)
Another perspective of the Massive building that door wouldn't open. (#3 of series of pics)

Check out the PERSPECTIVE on Building vs. human size! (this is the #1 of series of 3)

Our view when looking from the WWII memorial
Our other view when looking the other end of National Mall
Women's tribute to all who helped in WWII

Entry to The World War II Memorial, great reminder of Pearl Harbor

Left side of WWII Memorial and fountain

Right Side of WWII Memorial

Another view of WWII Memorial

WWII view of Lincoln Memorial  at one end of National Mall

To our surprise most of the all museums and monuments are FREE! I must admit, it was odd entering in a museum and not paying to get in. Isn't that the American way? It was nice not to pull out the wallet that's for sure. Our itinerary started most days early in the morning and not getting back to the hotel til 8 or 9 pm. Oh MY ! There's so much to see!
My Fav Pic looking out of Library of Congress to see Capitol view!

 Needless to say, I've been trying to get back into our semi normal schedule since we've been back. And in between that, going through my numerous pictures I've taken. My poor hubby was patient with me in taking so many... Yes, I'll say it ... MASSIVE Photo Ops throughout this trip! He's estimated for every photo, he waited 30 seconds.  Now that's by "Richard's time frame" ...which if you know our Burkey family... they tend to "Exaggerate" or they call it "Embellishment"! Of course, I'm reminded that I am a Burkey. Maybe it's rubbing off in the 27 years I've been a Burkey!

 I love experiencing the atmosphere, the people, and of course the foods in my travels. So this post is just alil taste of what we experienced in our trip to our MASSIVE Historical Capitol of our Great United States of America. Remember... I still have to go through a lot of pics! Don't worry I'm working  on the next food post as I write this, gotta keep moving cuz I have so much to tell and plenty more travel days planned for me ! I'm thankful I got to mark one off my Bucket List and would love to return for many more times to  Washington  D,C, to absorb The History our Nation's Capitol, for she has so much to tell!

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  1. Looks like you had such a great trip - love the pictures! Congrats on marking another thing off :)


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